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Simpleweb has been simplifying big problems for over 15 years. Helping founders tackle problems like “how do you develop apps or software with a limited budget and no in-house development team?”.

Welcome to Team Engineering.

Our Team Engineering programme has helped hundreds of startups do amazing things, whether it’s raising child literacy rates or reducing food waste. Over 90% of the startups we work with go on to secure funding, so we know what it takes to build a successful business.

Team Engineering gives you access to a core team of experts, including two experienced developers and a project coach. Think of them as your own, immediate in-house development team – no lengthy recruitment process required.

We know that a business is more than just a great product, so we encourage founders and CTOs to immerse themselves in the process. You’ll learn how to manage a team and build the confidence to make key decisions until it feels like second nature. 

Our mission is to help get your business to product market fit, where you’re hiring your own team and can confidently get rid of us within 18 months.

How does Team Engineering work?

Startups book a set amount of time from one to six months to push the business towards its next milestone. You know the goals and budget – we’ll help you work out the best way to achieve your objectives. 

Our clients have:

  1. A clear target tribe identified through concrete research or existing customers
  2. Established the problem that your product or service can solve
  3. Defined the business outcome for development work

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