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Maximising productivity is crucial for small business owners. With so much to do in so little time, startup founders need to quickly learn how to make the most out of every minute.

Vodafone’s V-Hub is filled with guidance, knowledge, tools and training to help small businesses thrive. Access V-Hub’s free business helpline and chat with one of their expert advisers for free, tailored business support and guidance.

Vodafone are also partnering with The Pitch The Pitch to offer free one-to-one mentoring sessions to small business owners. Book a call with one of their expert advisers here.

Strategic digital investments for business growth

Making the right digital investments can not only aid business growth, but it can help you automate time-consuming tasks, improve workplace efficiency and promote more successful sales.

In this article, we highlight some of the tools you should consider investing in.

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Strengthen your business with digital resilience

When you run a business, disruptions can come from multiple sources. Whether it’s a flood or a cyber attack, it’s important to have the right technology in place to withstand shocks, maintain operations and ensure your business survives.

That’s where digital resilience comes in. In this article, we highlight four ways to improve your digital resilience.

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How to transition from reactive thinking to future-ready working

When you’re in a small business, it’s common to fall into the rut of always working reactively. However, relying too heavily on reactive thinking may cause you to fall behind, meaning you’re constantly playing catch up. So how can this be avoided?

In this article, we share six ways you can act more proactively and future-ready your workplace.

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Why flexibility and sustainability are key to business growth

Having the right team in place at the right time is integral to any startup. Making the right decisions and being consistent in your brand from the start is the best way to ensure longevity in an ever-changing world.

In this article, we look at how blending flexibility and sustainability can help your business grow.

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  • How to stay productive when you’ve got a tiny startup team

    In a small team, it’s common to feel like you have too much to do with too few resources. Making sure you use your time wisely is vital, particularly when your startup is growing fast. With a reported 42% of small business owners experiencing burnout, founders need to build sustainable systems that are good for […]

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  • What is lean thinking, and how can it help your startup progress quickly?

    “Lean thinking” has become a bit of a buzzword in the app and software community – but what does it mean and how can it help your business? The traditional approach to building a business always went something like this: think of an idea, write a five-year business plan, pour all your money into the […]

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  • Hiring freelancers: A fast way for startups to bring in expertise

    Most startup owners will consider taking on a freelancer at some point. Whether it’s to plug a skills gap, manage a sudden spike in demand or free you up to focus on growing the business, freelancers bring in targeted help when you need it the most.  As of February 2022, there were around 4.23 million […]

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  • How to effectively manage resources as a B2B startup

    A B2B tech startups discusses a problem

    As a B2B startup, your profitability largely depends on how efficiently you plan and manage your team’s time.  When you’re just starting out, it can be tough to balance demand and delivery. We talked to B2B founders who have successfully scaled their tech businesses to find out what’s worked for them. Know how to hire […]

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