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Sage are powering entrepreneurs to reach their financial ambitions by providing the tools they need to make accounting simple. Their team will offer The Pitch contestants finance advice to get their businesses bossing it in 2022.

The content here concentrates on key challenges faced by founders running a side hustle, such as organising your finances, staying productive and finding a work-life balance.

  • Guide: Getting your side hustle finances organised

    Many people are happy to keep things small and treat their side hustle as a profitable passion project – but what happens if you feel ready to take it to the next level? As your side hustle grows, understanding your finances becomes more important. You’ll need to know how to forecast the money coming in […]

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  • How to raise funding for your side hustle

    Starting your own business might be the most rewarding thing you’ve ever done – but it can also be risky. There is a lot of financial uncertainty involved and it’s difficult to know if the gamble will pay off.  That’s why a popular approach among entrepreneurs is to start their projects without giving up their day […]

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  • A guide to staying healthy and productive when running a side hustle

    The idea of a side hustle sounds great, doesn’t it? It’s a low-risk way to test out a business idea, plus it can challenge you creatively and help bring in extra cash. However, it’s not always easy. Working two jobs at once means that it becomes much more difficult to find enough time in the […]

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  • How Ryan from Borough 22 grew from a side hustler to full-time entrepreneur

    We recently spoke with Ryan Panchoo, CEO of Borough 22, a vegan and gluten free doughnut business. Together we discussed his journey from when he first started his business as a side hustle, to becoming a full-time business owner. Are you a founder of a startup working part-time? Are you wondering whether to go full-time? […]

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  • Making the leap from part-time side hustle to full-time entrepreneur

    Many thriving businesses started as side hustles, but it can be hard to know how to transition from a successful sideline to the real deal. We spoke to several business owners about the challenges they faced and how they overcame them. Side hustles have become big news in the past few years. Research suggests that […]

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  • Businesses have only weeks to comply with Making Tax Digital for VAT

    All VAT-registered businesses, no matter how small, must be compliant with the latest Making Tax Digital (MTD) rules from April to avoid penalties from HMRC. As of January, the latest data from HMRC shows that only a third of VAT-registered businesses with taxable turnover below £85,000 have signed up to MTD for VAT ahead of […]

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  • How to get your startup ready for seed investment

    Man at desk

    The right time to seek seed investment is different for every business. It’s often a time consuming process, and many startups find themselves ‘courting’ investors for a long time before they hit gold. For this reason, many entrepreneurs start approaching investors six to 12 months before they actually need the investment. This is where the […]

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  • How to prepare a pitch for angel investors

    Raising seed funding usually involves selling your vision to individuals outside your close circle for the first time. Many startups seeking angel investment are pitching without a fully established business and may still be figuring out their product-market fit. It can be a tricky balancing act between convincing someone your business can go the distance […]

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  • Scaling your startup: How to recruit the best team to achieve your ambitions

    Women speaking

    Taking your startup from founders-only to employing staff is a big shift in gear. It comes with a new set of financial responsibilities and you’ll have to start considering HR practices and what kind of company culture to develop. It’s a daunting task, but also one that’s incredibly liberating. Get the right people in place […]

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  • How to build a thriving company culture as your team grows

    You’ve made the leap and employed your first few employees. It’s an exciting time when you start to expand your team, but when it comes to company culture there’s more to consider than whether you’ve hired the right person. Creating a successful company culture should go beyond hiring like-minded people and finishing early on a […]

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