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The side hustle hub concentrates on challenges faced by founders running businesses alongside their full-time jobs, such as organising your finances, staying productive and finding a work-life balance.

  • Turning your hobby into a side hustle – and how to know whether it will work

    Are you passionate about your hobby but not sure whether it could become a standalone business? Starting a side hustle is a great way to test an idea and make some cash while you do it. Most of us have hobbies that we turn to as a way to socialise, get creative or manage stress. […]

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  • Practical tips solopreneurs can use to reduce stress and improve wellbeing

    If you’ve taken the leap and started your own business, life as a solopreneur can be difficult. Before stress levels reach an all-time high, it’s time to start prioritising your wellbeing to ensure your business succeeds. Here are some practical tips you can use to reduce stress and improve your wellbeing. Pinpoint where your stress […]

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  • 35+ great side hustle ideas to get you motivated

    In the past few years, there’s been an increase in individuals setting up their own side hustle business to earn some extra income. In fact, an estimated one in five people in Britain have launched their own side hustle business since March 2020. By starting a business alongside your main job, you can reap the […]

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  • Productivity for side hustles: How to get stuff done when there aren’t enough hours in the day

    Running a side hustle can be exciting and liberating, but it’s not without its challenges – one of the biggest being how to use your time as effectively as possible.  Most people run a side hustle alone or with a single co-founder, which means your attention is often split between lots of different jobs. It […]

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  • Guide: How to create a business plan for your side hustle

    All businesses should have a business plan, even if it’s still at an early stage or a side hustle. Failing to plan is planning to fail, isn’t that how the phrase goes? Not sure where to begin with your business plan? This guide will break down the six sections you need in your business plan, […]

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  • WIN a £10k grant to transform your business with Sage and The Hundred!

    The Hundred launched last summer to packed crowds across England and Wales. It’s an action-packed, 100-ball cricket competition which takes place throughout August, featuring world-class players from eight city-based women’s and men’s teams.  Enter our competition in partnership with Sage and The Hundred for a shot at winning a £10k business grant and £50k worth […]

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  • Meet Rowdy Kind, the winner of The Pitch 2022

    Rowdy Kind is on a mission to make bathtime sustainable with its range of zero-plastic bath, body and hair care products for kids. Rowdy Kind co-founder Kate Tilbury won The Pitch Side Hustle Final in August, beating five other incredible side hustles to a £5k prize.  Two months later, Kate pitched alongside some of the […]

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  • Pricing your product: How to decide what you should be charging

    Knowing how much a product should cost is one of the trickiest factors for startups to get right. Set prices too high and customers may buy elsewhere – go too low and your profit margins don’t add up. So what’s the best approach? It’s all about knowing exactly what your products cost to produce and […]

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  • Building a community around your side hustle

    Building a community is essential for any business, but for a side hustle it’s especially important. Having a group of people who can act as brand advocates will help you raise awareness and grow sales.  A community is a group of people you bring together who share the same values as your business and have […]

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  • The Pitch 2022 Side Hustle winner: Kate from Rowdy Kind

    We’re proud to announce that The Pitch 2022 Side Hustle winner is Kate from Rowdy Kind. Kate and co-founder Anne Marie are on a mission to “to make bath time sustainable” and they’ve already saved 30,000 plastic bottles from landfill. Kate was shocked to hear the news. “I’ve been so impressed with everyone else. I’ve […]

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