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The side hustle hub concentrates on challenges faced by founders running businesses alongside their full-time jobs, such as organising your finances, staying productive and finding a work-life balance.

  • Starting a side hustle: 15 business ideas to help you earn extra cash

    In the last few years, there’s been an increase in individuals setting up their own side hustle business to earn some extra income. In fact, an estimated one in five people in Britain have launched their own side hustle business since March 2020. By starting a business alongside your main job, you can reap the […]

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  • Meet Rowdy Kind, the winner of The Pitch 2022

    Rowdy Kind is on a mission to make bathtime sustainable with its range of zero-plastic bath, body and hair care products for kids. Rowdy Kind co-founder Kate Tilbury won The Pitch Side Hustle Final in August, beating five other incredible side hustles to a £5k prize.  Two months later, Kate pitched alongside some of the […]

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  • Pricing your product: How to decide what you should be charging

    Knowing how much a product should cost is one of the trickiest factors for startups to get right. Set prices too high and customers may buy elsewhere – go too low and your profit margins don’t add up. So what’s the best approach? It’s all about knowing exactly what your products cost to produce and […]

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  • Turning your hobby into a side hustle – and how to know whether it will work

    Ever wondered if the hobby that eats up all your spare time could be turned into a business that makes you money? Starting with a side hustle can be the perfect testing ground to find out. It’s a common scenario: you’re passionate about a particular hobby and spend every spare minute you have doing it. […]

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  • Building a community around your side hustle

    Building a community is essential for any business, but for a side hustle it’s especially important. Having a group of people who can act as brand advocates will help you raise awareness and grow sales.  A community is a group of people you bring together who share the same values as your business and have […]

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  • The Pitch 2022 Side Hustle winner: Kate from Rowdy Kind

    We’re proud to announce that The Pitch 2022 Side Hustle winner is Kate from Rowdy Kind. Kate and co-founder Anne Marie are on a mission to “to make bath time sustainable” and they’ve already saved 30,000 plastic bottles from landfill. Kate was shocked to hear the news. “I’ve been so impressed with everyone else. I’ve […]

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  • How to test your side hustle idea for next to nothing

    There’s no way to tell definitively if that side hustle you’ve been planning will take off or not, but you can get a pretty good indication by testing it. If you’re clever, you don’t need to cough up hefty sums for the process, either.  Testing out your side hustle idea will give you some important […]

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  • Guide: Getting your side hustle finances organised

    Many people are happy to keep things small and treat their side hustle as a profitable passion project – but what happens if you feel ready to take it to the next level? As your side hustle grows, understanding your finances becomes more important. You’ll need to know how to forecast the money coming in […]

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  • How to raise funding for your side hustle

    Starting your own business might be the most rewarding thing you’ve ever done – but it can also be risky. There is a lot of financial uncertainty involved and it’s difficult to know if the gamble will pay off.  That’s why a popular approach among entrepreneurs is to start their projects without giving up their day […]

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  • A guide to staying healthy and productive when running a side hustle

    The idea of a side hustle sounds great, doesn’t it? It’s a low-risk way to test out a business idea, plus it can challenge you creatively and help bring in extra cash. However, it’s not always easy. Working two jobs at once means that it becomes much more difficult to find enough time in the […]

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