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Haines Watts is dedicated to helping businesses overcome their challenges, realise their ambitions and create an impact. Investment is about more than money, and Haines Watts offer their community exclusive access to accountancy advice that looks beyond the numbers.

This hub covers all things finance: how to create forecasts, fund your development and prepare for growth.

  • How top entrepreneurs approach talent acquisition

    In the early years of your startup, you’ll usually do everything yourself. But there comes a time where you have to stop being a one-man sales, marketing and ops machine, and start thinking about bringing in new talent. Hiring for junior roles is one thing, whether it’s a student to help with social media or […]

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  • How startups can use share schemes to attract and retain employees

    Your team is one of the most important things you can invest in as a startup founder. Securing and retaining the right talent will give you a real edge as a new business and allow you to plan for growth.  Most startups are already up against it when it comes to finance and resources. Add the […]

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  • How to use R&D tax relief to help fund your tech development

    For startups involved in tech development, Research & Development (R&D) tax relief can provide an important source of funding through tax deduction or cash reimbursement. But what exactly qualifies as ‘innovation’ and how do you know if your business is eligible? R&D tax relief is one of the main forms of tax relief available to […]

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  • Sort out your finances: Join our webinar to get exclusive expert advice

    Poor financial management is one of the largest struggles for budding entrepreneurs – in fact, 38% of UK startups cite running out of cash as the reason their startup failed. With limited time and resources, it’s really important to make an effort to look after your finances. This will have a significant impact on your […]

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  • How to prepare a cash flow forecast that investors will love

    Managing the finances of your startup is a constant balancing act. From the moment you begin trading, cash will constantly be moving in and out of your business account. It’s crucial to develop a robust cash flow forecast to help you stay on top of the numbers. A cash flow forecast is a document that […]

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  • Raising seed? Your MRR and ARR forecasts are a waste of time

    It’s common for angel investors to ask for three or five-year projections. That’s ridiculous for most early-stage startups – how can you develop forecasts without any data to extrapolate? The majority of pre-revenue decks that we see make this mistake. They include a hockey stick graph where they’re making millions in year three, but what’s […]

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  • A guide to government support for small businesses

    Government support for small businesses

    Starting or growing a business is incredibly challenging. Fortunately, the government has a whole host of advice, support and funding for SMEs. Understanding and accessing it, however, is easier said than done. In this article, we’ve rounded up the most important government help out there into one handy guide. Here, you’ll learn exactly what support […]

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  • Are VCs and angels investing right now?

    The last two weeks have been pivotal for so many tech startups (and most businesses across the board). Quick decisions are being made with incomplete information which could have huge impacts on future operations.  We’ve seen revenue flip from impressive growth to substantial declines. Share prices have fallen off a cliff. Those once realistic targets now look […]

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  • How WorkClub raised £250k in under four days

    In 2018, Nick Donnelly created a sustainable solution to help aid the growing demand for flexible workspaces in and around London. He explains how he funded it with a successful crowdfunding campaign. Along with co-founders Tori Donnelly and Upile Chasowa, Donnelly understood the difficulties freelance workers face when looking for a comfortable and productive place to […]

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  • The key to Zaggora’s growth: Keep asking questions


    Dessi and Malcolm Bell started working on online sportswear business Zaggora in 2011, launching their trademark hotpants that aim to help people lose weight. The online-only business found success early on. The founders generated £14m in revenue in their first 18 months – a trajectory that saw them nearly go bankrupt because they had more […]

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