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Crowdfunding platform Crowdcube recently celebrated 10 years of “Funding the Wonderful”. The platform supports entrepreneurs who dream big, push at the edges and want to challenge the status quo.

In this hub, you’ll find content specifically around funding and investment, covering topics such as finding investors and building your community.

  • The power of building a community as a startup

    Most founders work long hours to bring their business to life. It’s no surprise that few have the time or energy to focus on growing their network.  Even if you do have a spare afternoon, the thought of networking can seem less than appealing: stuffy events, small talk by the truckload and awkward cold introductions. […]

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  • What makes a successful Crowdcube campaign?

    The Pitch has seen alumni such as All About the Cooks, Yuup and Small Robot Company triumph in crowdfunding rounds on Crowdcube. So what makes a crowdfunding campaign succeed?  Crowdfunding can be a great way to raise money, but it’s also an amazing opportunity to grow your network, get exposure for your business and strengthen […]

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  • How Khaleelah Jones fought investor bias to build her business

    Khaleelah Jones is the founder of award-winning boutique agency Careful Feet Digital and recently launched tech startup Dime. We spoke to Khaleelah about starting her own business, meeting investors and using the lessons she’s learnt building an agency to launch a digital product. What made you decide to start a business? I got my first […]

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  • Are VCs and angels investing right now?

    The last two weeks have been pivotal for so many tech startups (and most businesses across the board). Quick decisions are being made with incomplete information which could have huge impacts on future operations.  We’ve seen revenue flip from impressive growth to substantial declines. Share prices have fallen off a cliff. Those once realistic targets now look […]

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  • Crowdfunding lessons learned by startup Invite Agents

    When Stephen Berridge set up Invite Agents to offer personalised fee quotations from estate agents, he assumed that raising funds would be straightforward. He tells us about the lessons he’s learned on his crowdfunding journey. “I thought it was simply a case of putting a pitch online and collecting money. But getting pre-funding is so […]

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  • How to line up investors when crowdfunding

    We teamed up with Crowdcube and invited four entrepreneurs to share their crowdfunding success stories. The sessions went beyond the basics, taking a closer look at how to set up a campaign that catches the eye of investors. Meet Daisy Hill, founder of Zzish; Matt Dyson of Rockit; CEO of Genuine Impact Truman Du and […]

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  • How startups can win corporate clients

    Around 70% of fast-growth companies are B2B. Which means those businesses depend on securing contracts from larger companies to pay the bills, scale and give investors the exits they are looking for. I’ve worked both sides of the fence. I spent most of my career at Unilever, where in 2014 I set up The Foundry, […]

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  • To exit or not to exit: Is there a right way to sell your business?

    How to sell a startup

    As an entrepreneur setting up and growing a business, thinking about an exit strategy is probably the furthest thing from your mind. But at some stage, you might want to sell all or part of the business to ensure its future growth. There are plenty of reasons to sell a business and some entrepreneurs may […]

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  • How we built a challenger brand on a budget


    When we launched Crowdcube in 2011, we were the world’s first investment crowdfunding platform. We were doing something that no one had ever tried before – we were challenging the status quo in a very traditional industry. Being innovative and the first in the market has its drawbacks. It means that you need to create […]

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  • The startup building cutting-edge experiences for Sky and Snickers

    Quander’s end-to-end interactive technology experiences have secured them valuable contracts with business giants like Sky, Samsung and YouTube. The team is planning to raise its first outside funding this year, aiming to raise £1.3m to take its immersive tech even further. As a young startup, Quander reached the final stage of The Pitch 2017 and […]

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