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Every year, we run an inspiring programme of activity designed to give founders the skills, support and exposure needed to succeed.

And we couldn’t do it without our amazing supporters. We’ve had the opportunity to partner with some incredible brands over the years including:

    • Propel by Deloitte
    • ICAEW
    • E.ON
    • Xero
    • AVG
    • Microsoft
    • Vonage

We’re always looking for brands that can collaborate with the Inkwell team to deliver truly inspiring and life-changing events for entrepreneurs.

We want to work with progressive companies that understand what it takes to engage effectively with small businesses and balance that with effective marketing messages.

In 2021, we’re on a mission to give 3,000 startups the tools they need to secure investment.

Want to join us in supporting the most exciting startups in the UK? Get in touch with us here.

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