What’s The Pitch? And other Frequently Asked Questions

The Pitch is an independent pitching competition that helps startups create a kick-ass pitch and gives them the platform to use it.

The Pitch supports startups across the UK, whether your business is still in the planning stages or you’re getting ready to grow. It’s designed to boost your skills, network and confidence.

By taking part, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a pitching coach and pitch to industry experts and investors. The top 10 startups go on to compete on the national stage and win the chance to be mentored by leading entrepreneurs.

We’ve outlined key questions people have asked about The Pitch below. If you’re still not sure, please use this form to get in touch or tweet @The_Pitch – we’d love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I apply to The Pitch?

The Pitch programme is designed to help you build your business and give you the skills you need to succeed. You’ll have the chance to:

  • Work with a pitching coach to improve your pitch, confidence and delivery
  • Meet other startups working in the same industry as you
  • Pitch to investors and industry experts
  • Feature on our startup leaderboard, which is seen by thousands of people
  • Compete at The Pitch Final, where you could win an incredible package of mentoring support from leading entrepreneurs

Who should apply?

The competition is open to UK-based businesses that have been trading for less than four years.

To get the most from The Pitch and support on offer, please make sure it’s the founder or co-founder who attends the event. That said, we don’t mind who fills in the application form.

What stage does my business need to be at?

The Pitch is open to companies across all sectors and funding stages. The majority of Pitch entrants have started making sales, but pre-revenue businesses can also enter. If you haven’t launched your startup yet, you’ll need to be able to demonstrate traction or proof that there’s market demand.

How does The Pitch work?

  1. The first stage is an online application form that helps our judges assess the potential for the business and what you’ve achieved so far. We then choose the top 100 applications to progress to the boot camp stage.
  2. At boot camp, you’ll attend an online pitching workshop with one of our pitching coaches. Founders then compete in a live online event, giving a 90-second pitch to investors and industry experts.
  3. After the session, we’ll share the judges’ feedback with you. Videos of the pitches and the scores will be added to our top 100 leaderboard, which will be seen by thousands of people.
  4. We select the top 10 businesses to give a three-minute pitch at The Pitch Final, where our judges will select the champion.

When do applications close? And what are the other important dates?

Applications close on 31st July. We’ll announce the top 100 startups in August and they will attend the pitching sessions in September.

The Pitch Final will be held in early November.

Applications for The Pitch 2021 are now open! Apply now for the chance to compete with the best startups in the country and pitch in front of investors.

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How do you decide who makes it to the next stage?

To decide who gets through to the boot camp stage, we’ll look at the information provided in your application. A strong idea, good online presence and evidence of turnover or market demand will help you progress in the competition.

At the boot camp and The Pitch Final, we rate startups with a score out of five for each of the following categories:

The idea. How original and exciting is the concept? Are you solving a problem consumers care about?

The pitch. How strong is your pitch?

Proof of traction. How much demonstrable market interest is there? This could be in the form of research, customer reviews, revenue etc.

Entrepreneurial spirit. How convincing are your entrepreneurial capabilities? Do we believe you are the right person to take this business forward?

The team. Do you have the team and network to be successful? This could be mentors, supporters or advisers as well as employees.

Will my idea/IP be protected?

Your application will be viewed by The Pitch team and panel of expert judges. If you make it through to the boot camps, you will have to pitch in front of the other attendees and so need to be happy with your idea being made public.

However, you are welcome to leave out particular elements to keep your IP secure. To our knowledge, we’ve not had any issues with ideas being copied from events in the past 10 years that we’ve been running them.

If you have any concerns or questions, please send an email to hello@thepitch.uk and we’ll do our best to guide you through what to disclose.

What’s the history of The Pitch?

The Pitch was launched in Bristol in 2008 and has since grown into one of the UK’s biggest startup events.

Over the years, The Pitch has helped thousands of small businesses succeed, and in that time we’ve done a fair bit of growing ourselves. Since starting as a traditional pitching competition, we’ve evolved into a complete programme of support.

The Pitch is produced by Inkwell, a Bristol-based agency. Inkwell helps companies create conversations with business owners.

I’m a previous Pitch finalist, who do I talk to about PR?

We love to hear from founders who’ve taken part in the past. If you’d like to give us an update or have news that you want to share, please send an email to hello@thepitch.uk and we’ll be in touch.

What can I do to support The Pitch?

We couldn’t run The Pitch without the support of our sponsors and all the people in our network that provide advice and content. It’s always amazing to see the level of support everyone’s willing to put into the event and we are incredibly grateful.

If you think you could help the competition or are interested in sponsoring The Pitch, please email Chris@inkwellagency.co.uk.

Applications for The Pitch 2021 are now open! Apply now for the chance to compete with the best startups in the country, meet investors and get an amazing prize package.

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