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The purpose-led startups saving our environment

Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with environmental and social sustainability, creating an opportunity for startups to make a difference.

Purpose-led businesses are expected to grow at twice the rate of their competitors. Analysis of over 400 applicants to The Pitch 2019 shows that last year’s competition saw a massive uplift in the number of purpose-led businesses taking part.

An overwhelming 40% of the finalists were startups with a strong purpose. Here are a few of the startups making a big difference.

1. Tooth is making brushing your teeth more sustainable

The first finalist with a focus on sustainability is Tooth – a subscription service offering eco-friendly toothbrushes straight to your door. The handle of their toothbrushes are not only reusable but also made from 100% recycled aluminium to minimise their carbon footprint.

Their interchangeable head, made using Floreon from local sugar beets, is both biodegradable and fully compostable. Tooth use Nylon 4 to create their bristles, which biodegrades in six months to a year. 

They provide 100% recycled BPA free plastic toothbrush cases to enable customers to take their toothbrush with them anywhere.

Tooth aims to create sustainable products at a lower cost to provide an accessible and affordable solution to plastic waste. To decrease the costs for consumers, Tooth cuts out the middle man and delivers products directly to your door using entirely recyclable packaging. 

They provide customers with a new toothbrush head every three months following global dentists recommendations.

With 98% of toothbrushes failing to be biodegradable, Tooth aims to create an inexpensive and attractive product that prevents damage to the environment. 

2. How Ocean Tee are tackling the golfing industry

Ocean Tee is a startup creating environmentally-friendly golf tees made entirely from bamboo. 

Bamboo grows at a rapid pace without the need for artificial pesticides or vast amounts of water, meaning this material can be produced in a sustainably conscious way. It’s also extremely adaptable – it’s able to grow and thrive in many locations across the world.

To minimise transport emissions and energy use, Ocean Tee source, manufacture and print their products all in one location. They use no plastic in the manufacturing process and have created an efficient delivery strategy to minimise any unnecessary packaging.

Although at an extra financial cost for the startup, Ocean Tee avoids long term supply contracts and instead use a variety of suppliers for their business. This ensures the company can constantly discover and utilise the most sustainable options possible for their customers.

Ocean Tee also donates 25% of their corporate profits to charities with a focus on ending plastic usage and protecting marine life.

3. Biofuel Evolution are turning your food waste into fuel 

Biofuel Evolution aims to create sustainable energy by converting our food waste into biofuels. Founders Jaymish and Viral Patel wanted to use their expertise to make the planet greener and their prototype has been tested and validated as a viable energy conversion process.

Biofuel have created BeBlock – technology that produces bioethanol, a clean energy source. This can be used to power vehicles and provide electricity, heat and water. They believe creating advanced bioethanol will help to decrease our reliance on fossil fuels and unsustainable chemicals as energy sources. 

First-generation biofuels are viewed negatively as they require large quantities of food crops – like corn and sugarcane – in production.

Biofuel Evolution is researching the use of non-food crops, inedible parts of crops and agricultural and food waste to create their biofuel – all of which would end up in landfills.

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Mia Musa-Green

Mia Musa-Green

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