The Pitch Final

The Pitch 2020 semi-finalists

The Pitch had the highest number of entries ever this year. We’ve spent the last six months hearing from passionate startup founders who have crazy, game-changing ideas – and it’s almost time for them to take the stage and pitch to the world.

The top 90 startups are competing at our online semi-final events over the next five weeks. Each event will be judged by industry-leading experts and investors, but anyone can tune in and watch the pitches.

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The judges’ scores will decide who makes it through to The Pitch Final in November, but there’s also a public vote to send two wildcard startups to the final. If you’re a friend, family member or huge fan of one of our semi-finalists, register to watch their semi-final below and we’ll send you a link to vote at the end.

We’ll be updating The Pitch 2020 leaderboard as the scores come in, so keep checking back!

Food & Drink

The Food & Drink semi-final takes place on Wednesday 2nd September. It’s judged by Mission Ventures founder John Stapleton and angel investor Simon Squibb, who hosts The Good Luck Podcast.

The startups taking part in The Pitch 2020 Food & Drink semi-final are:

  • Banana Scoops
  • Great British Biscotti Co
  • HumaniTea
  • New Kings Coffee
  • Nix & Kix
  • Nutcessity
  • Plant Pops
  • The Pakora Explorer
  • Tipsy Tea
  • Tom Savano Cocktails

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    Fashion & Beauty

    The Fashion & Beauty semi-final takes place online on Friday 4th September. It’s judged by Fashion Angel founder Alison Lewy MBE and True. investment director Claire Cherry.

    The startups taking part in The Pitch 2020 Fashion & Beauty semi-final are:

  • Billi London
  • blonde gone rogue
  • Cultureville
  • fussy.
  • Save the Peach
  • TingTang
  • Valiant Lingerie Limited
  • Whering

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    The Healthcare semi-final takes place online on Wednesday 9th September. It’s judged by CommonRoom Ventures founder Joshua King, and Simon Tutton and Ben Carter from Deepbridge Capital.

    The startups taking part in The Pitch 2020 Healthcare semi-final are:

  • Azul Optics
  • BrightCure
  • CardioCrown
  • Commonly
  • Ingo Health
  • Freya
  • MiiCare
  • ORB
  • Prodomo
  • QV Bioelectronics

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    Apps & Software

    The Apps & Software semi-final takes place online on Friday 11th September. It’s judged by SeedLegals founder Anthony Rose and Studio Graphene founder Ritam Gandhi.

    The startups taking part in The Pitch 2020 Apps & Software semi-final are:

  • Faceident
  • Grand Bequest
  • Pepper Sq Ltd
  • StarChildcare
  • Trackd
  • Unbaggaged
  • We Built This City
  • Wishu

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    Origin Workspace logo Studio Graphene Crowdcube


    The Education semi-final takes place online on Wednesday 16th September. It’s judged by Blackbullion founder and EdTech UK ambassador Vivi Friedgut and Novastar Ventures investment director Dr Dotun Olowoporoku.

    The startups taking part in The Pitch 2020 Education semi-final are:

  • Cyberselves
  • Devie
  • LyricFluent
  • Mindstars
  • Moneyready
  • Scientistt
  • Tupear

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    The Fintech semi-final takes place online on Friday the 18th September, It’s judged by The Tech Growth Factory founder Elizabeth Gooch MBE and Sam Kullar from Deloitte Ventures.

    The startups taking part in The Pitch 2020 Fintech semi-final are:

  • Ammonite Wealth
  • Automated Regulatory Monitoring
  • Fintech Sandpit
  • Green Growth
  • Hands in
  • Neuros
  • Punk Money

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    The Eco-businesses semi-final takes place online on Wednesday 23rd September. It’s judged by a panel of experts Steve Edwards from SETSquared Bristol, Tendai Nhachi-Muzonzini from ClearlySo and Robert Pendleton from Edinburgh Innovations.

    The startups taking part in The Pitch 2020 Eco-businesses semi-final are:

  • Bazar Ethical Marketplace
  • Cyclo Technology
  • Good Things
  • Lifesaver Power
  • Peppercorn
  • Pure Bundle
  • Skuma
  • Social Stories Club
  • SolarisKit
  • unpckd
  • Veggie-Me

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    The Innovation semi-final is online on Friday 25th September. It’s judged by Creative England head of investment Tim Evans, and Simon Tutton and George Siddorn from Deepridge Capital.

    The startups taking part in The Pitch 2020 Innovation semi-final are:

  • Airquatic
  • Citispotter
  • Gement
  • Magdrive
  • Metasonixx Ltd
  • Mykor
  • Terrible Merch
  • Touch Immersion

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