The Pitch
The Pitch Final

The Pitch 2020 Leaderboard

The Pitch aims to give startups a kick-ass pitch and the platform to use it.

We’ve spent the last six months hearing from passionate startup founders who have amazing, game-changing ideas.

The top 80 took part in our semi-final events during September, which were judged by industry-leading entrepreneurs and investors. From there, we picked the top ten to compete at the final in November.

The Pitch 2020 winners

The Pitch Final was watched by over 300 delegates who voted on the People’s Choice winner.

Award Company Pitch
The Pitch 2020 WinnerTerrible MerchWatch Final video
The Pitch 2020 People’s ChoicePunk MoneyWatch Final video

The Pitch 2020 Final was judged by a panel of industry-leading entrepreneurs who have successfully built businesses and actively invest in startups:

  • Mission Ventures and New Covent Garden Soup Co founder John Stapleton
  • Crowdcube co-founder Luke Lang
  • Moneypenny founder Ed Reeves
  • Origin founder Heather Frankham
  • Lux Afrique Boutique founder Alexander Amosu

The Pitch 2020 finalists 🏆

The top ten startups includes eight category winners based on judges’ scores and two from the public’s vote.

You can watch a YouTube playlist of their pitches here.

Company Pitch Reason Category
TrackdWatch Final videoCategory winnerApps & Software
SolarisKitWatch Final videoCategory winnerEco-businesses
DevieWatch Final videoCategory winnerEducation
Valiant LingerieWatch Final videoCategory winnerFashion & Beauty
Punk MoneyWatch Final videoCategory winnerFintech
Great British Biscotti CoWatch Final videoCategory winnerFood & Drink
MiiCareWatch Final videoCategory winnerHealthcare
Terrible MerchWatch Final videoCategory winnerInnovation
Plant PopsWatch Final videoPeople’s choiceFood & Drink
WishuWatch Final videoPeople’s choiceHealthcare


The Pitch 2020 semi-finalists

The semi-finalists took part in eight sector-specific events pitching to investors. They were scored our of five in four different categories – the idea, proof of traction, the team and the pitch – to give a score out of 20.

Food & Drink

The Food & Drink semi-final was judged by Mission Ventures founder John Stapleton and angel investor Simon Squibb, who hosts The Good Luck Podcast.

Rank Company Pitch Score
1Great British Biscotti CoWatch video15.5 🏆
2Nix & KixWatch video15
3Tom Savano CocktailsWatch video14
4NutcessityWatch video13.5
5Banana ScoopsWatch video13
6New Kings CoffeeWatch video13
7Plant PopsWatch video13 🏆
8The Pakora ExplorerWatch video12.5
9HumaniTeaWatch video12
10JACK & CHILLWatch video12
11Tipsy TeaWatch video9.5
12EARTHPOTFOODSWatch video8.5


Fashion & Beauty

The Fashion & Beauty semi-final was judged by Fashion Angel founder Alison Lewy MBE and True. investment director Claire Cherry.

Rank Company Pitch Score
1Valiant LingerieWatch video17 🏆
2fussy.Watch video16.5
3NESSAWatch video16.5
4CulturevilleWatch video16
5Billi LondonWatch video15.5
6blonde gone rogueWatch video15
7WheringWatch video14.5
8Save the PeachWatch video14
9TingTangWatch video12.5



The Healthcare semi-final was judged by CommonRoom Ventures founder Joshua King, and Simon Tutton and Ben Carter from Deepbridge Capital.

Rank Company Pitch Score
1MiiCareWatch video18.5 🏆
2Ingo HealthWatch video16.5
3BrightCureWatch video14.5
4ORBWatch video14.5
5SPOKEWatch video14.5
6Azul OpticsWatch video14.5
7CommonlyWatch video13
8ProdomoWatch video13
9FreyaWatch video12.5
10QV BioelectronicsWatch video11.5
11CardioCrownWatch video10


Apps & Software

The Apps & Software semi-final was judged by SeedLegals founder Anthony Rose and Studio Graphene founder Ritam Gandhi.

Rank Company Pitch Score
1TrackdWatch video16 🏆
2WishuWatch video16 🏆
3We Built This CityWatch video15
4Pepper SqWatch video14
5Grand BequestWatch video13.5
6FaceidentWatch video13
7StarChildcareWatch video13
8UnbaggagedWatch video12.5

The top two Apps & Software startups were tied on their scores, so we relied on a final judges vote.

Origin Workspace logo Studio Graphene Crowdcube



The Education semi-final was judged by Blackbullion founder and EdTech UK ambassador Vivi Friedgut and Novastar Ventures investment director Dr Dotun Olowoporoku.

Rank Company Pitch Score
1DevieWatch video19 🏆
2ScientisttWatch video19
3TupearWatch video18
4MoneyreadyWatch video17.5
5CyberselvesWatch video17
6MindstarsWatch video16.5
7LyricFluentWatch video13

The top two Education startups were tied on their scores, so we relied on a final judges vote.



The Fintech semi-final was judged by The Tech Growth Factory founder Elizabeth Gooch MBE and Sam Kullar from Deloitte Ventures.

Rank Company Pitch Score
1Punk MoneyWatch video15 🏆
2Fintech SandpitWatch video13
3NeurosWatch video12
4Ammonite WealthWatch video10.5
5Automated Regulatory MonitoringWatch video9.5
6Hands inWatch video9.5
7Green GrowthWatch video7



The Eco-businesses semi-final was judged by Steve Edwards from SETSquared Bristol, Tendai Nhachi-Muzonzini from ClearlySo and Robert Pendleton from Edinburgh Innovations.

Rank Company Pitch Score
1SolarisKitWatch video17.3 🏆
2Pure BundleWatch video16.7
3Social Stories ClubWatch video16.5
4Cyclo TechnologyWatch video15.7
5Lifesaver PowerWatch video15.7
7unpckdWatch video14
8Bazar Ethical Marketplace13
9SkumaWatch video13.7
10Good ThingsWatch video12.3
11Veggie-MeWatch video12



The Innovation semi-final was judged by Creative England head of investment Tim Evans and George Siddorn from Deepridge Capital.

Rank Company Pitch Score
1Terrible MerchWatch video14 🏆
2MagdriveWatch video13
3AirquaticWatch video12.5
5MetasonixxWatch video11.5
6MOZEEWatch video11
7MykorWatch video10.5
8GementWatch video10.5
9Touch ImmersionWatch video10