The Pitch

Practice answering questions from real investors

Picture the scene. You’re in your room, hairbrush in hand, giving the best pitch of your life into the mirror. At the end, you bow to roaring applause and ask ‘any questions?’

Well, we can help you with this section of the performance.

We asked some of The Pitch’s real-life investors what they ask at the end of a pitch!

How does it work?

  1. Start the video and listen to the investor question
  2. Pause the video when prompted and plan your answer
  3. Press play and hear what the investor explain what they want to hear from you

Investor 1: Luke Lang, cofounder of Crowdcube

Investor 2: Simon Squibb, angel investor

Investor 3: Eva Tarasova, investment director at Wharton Asset Management