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Guide: Ten steps to help you set up your business

Setting up a new business is an exciting time – it’s fast-paced, creative and you’ll need to think on your feet. 

But each business owner will come up against different hurdles and no two journeys are ever the same. That can make it difficult to know how to approach a new business and what steps to take to get it up and running.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to set your business up in ten steps, including:

  • Researching customers
  • Testing your idea
  • Getting on top of your finances
  • Where to go for extra support

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Hannah Jolliffe

Hannah Jolliffe

Hannah is a freelance writer and social media consultant who works with startups. She enjoys helping small businesses create content to connect with their audience and also writes on wider topics for Which?, Saga and lots of charities.

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