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The tech you need to upgrade your social media presence 

In today’s digital world, having great visuals is an essential part of your social media strategy. With attention spans becoming shorter and competition fiercer, you need to make sure that all your social content is of the highest standard, or people will simply scroll past.

While relying on your trusty phone is perfectly fine in the beginning, there will come a point where you will need to consider upgrading to more professional gear – especially if social media is a core component to your marketing.

But as a startup, you’re unlikely to have deep pockets to spend on your tech equipment. So what gear is worth investing in in the early days? In this article, we highlight seven different gadgets that can help you boost your social media’s performance.

1. Camera

If you want a great camera, a good place to start is your phone. The cameras on high-end phones are pretty high quality, even compared to just a few years ago. If your phone is a bit dated, it may be worth investing in an upgrade and doing some research on phones that have next-level camera features.

If the latest phone models would stretch your budget too far, you may find that it’s worth investing in a camera instead. This is also a good option if you rely heavily on taking photos and videos regularly – storage on a phone can be quite limited, and a camera is easier to pass between you and your staff.

Some options for cameras include:

  • The Canon EOS R10 has features such as a focusing system, built-in WiFi, high sensitivity and image stabilisation, which will make even rookie photographers’ pictures look top quality
  • This Panasonic Camcorder is a much more affordable option if you’re focusing on video content rather than images
  • For professional filming on the go, this pocket-sized camera has some fantastic features and is perfect for vlogging

Whatever camera you decide on, you will probably need to get an SD card with decent storage to go with it. Thankfully these tend to be very affordable, but remember to double check which SD cards your camera is compatible with before buying.

2. Webcam

If you only create video content when sitting at your desk, such as live streaming or recording webinars, then a webcam may be a more suitable and affordable option for you.

While the cameras on your laptop work as a basic option, webcams offer features such as auto-focus, improved video processing and higher resolution. So, if you want to improve the quality of your video footage, getting a decent webcam is the way to go.

Not sure what to get? The Logitech Webcam C930e is a popular choice, but do your research to find out the best option for your own needs.

3. Tripod and selfie stick

If you take a lot of photos and videos when you’re out and about, then a tripod or selfie stick can be a really nifty tool to have at your disposal.

Selfie sticks, for instance, provide heaps of benefits. They can help you get more people in every shot, get a better view of scenery or backgrounds, reduce shakiness and allow you to play around with your composition. They also allow you to take all of your photos and videos independently.

A tripod, on the other hand, allows for a more professional set-up when capturing long-form video content. This means you can take videos independently, at any place, and without anyone else’s support.

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4. Gimbal

Do you take a lot of videos on the go? A gimbal, also known as a stabiliser, helps reduce shakiness and create more smooth, fluid footage. It essentially acts like a tripod, but for when the camera is in motion rather than staying still.

Whether it’s for YouTube, TikTok or Instagram, a gimbal is a worthy investment if you rely heavily on video content. If you’re considering getting one, try this handheld one.

5. Ring light

A ring light helps you enhance your photos and videos. Ring lights can sharpen images, remove shadows and make colours stand out – giving all your content a more professional look.

There are a lot of different options out there to suit your needs – for example, ring lights that connect to a tripod, or those that connect and stand on your laptop. The right ring light for your startup will depend on what you plan on using it for, so do some research and have a think before you make any purchases.

6. Microphone

With podcasts becoming more popular than ever, many startups are jumping on the trend and starting their own. But what’s the most important piece of equipment for a podcast? The microphone, of course.

Microphones aren’t only handy for podcasting, though. For example, if you livestream, create a lot of TikTok or YouTube videos, or make social clips where you require a voice-over, then a good mic can be incredibly handy. This is why many believe that a high-quality microphone is a worthy investment. 

The Blue Yeticaster is a great professional microphone for startups, but there are plenty of lower and higher end options to suit your needs.

7. Portable charger

Nothing’s worse than when your phone dies unexpectedly, even more so when you’re depending on it to create your social content.

That’s why it’s always worth keeping a portable charger on hand. A wireless one is even better, as it can charge any phone without you needing to worry about sourcing the right wire.

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Siân Avent is the Content and Marketing Assistant at Inkwell, the company behind The Pitch.

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