Meet The Pitch finalists for 2019!

The wait is over… it’s time to meet The Pitch 2019 finalists! 

After receiving almost 400 applications to this year’s competition, we took 200 startups to boot camps in Bristol, London and Manchester. The standard was phenomenal, with ideas ranging from on-demand lawyers to genetically personalised nutrition shakes to non-invasive treatments for Parkinson’s. 

Each startup was judged and scored on their idea, pitch, traction, entrepreneurial spirit and team. The competition was extremely close this year, but we believe each startup in our shortlist has the potential to become a game-changing business

Drumroll for our finalists please…

1. Biofuel Evolution

Biofuel Evolution aims to convert food waste into affordable, clean energy in the form of advanced biofuels. The team have developed a working prototype that has been tested and validated as a viable energy conversion process by London Southbank University. Founders Jaymish and Viral impressed with their idea, tested prototype and team of advisers. 

2. By Rotation

ByRotation is a peer-to-peer fashion rental app that enables people to share their wardrobes. Through their mobile app, users can lend or rent mid to high-end fashion in less than two minutes. Despite only starting up six months ago, founder Eshita has built an impressive website, landed press coverage in the likes of Vogue and Grazia and attracted 4,000 users.

3. Data Duopoly

Data Duopoly is on a mission to relieve the frustration of queuing at visitor attractions worldwide. By sending personalised discounts to visitors via their app, Data Duopoly can reroute visitors to less busy areas. This optimises visitor distribution around a site and gathers valuable insights for the attraction itself. We were impressed with founder Tanuvi’s pitch at our Bristol boot camp and their trial with the Eden Project.

4. Tooth.

Tooth. was created to provide an eco-friendly option to dental care. Its toothbrush is made from recycled aluminium and comes with a changeable head that’s fully biodegradable. They’re currently 200% overfunded on Kickstarter and founder Joshua was memorably our first pitcher to throw his own product off the stage at boot camp. 

5. Happaning

Happaning is a vantage panning app that aims to be the next big thing in media engagement. By using augmented reality and synchronised videos, Happaning wants to let viewers navigate between vantage points in real-time or retrospectively. While the technology’s still being patented, founder Andrew blew us away with one of the sharpest pitches we’ve seen.

6. Little Hotdog Watson

Little Hotdog Watson creates smart kidswear that is mosquito repellent, temperature regulating and UV protective. Their sun hats are designed to encourage more kids to explore the outdoors and give parents peace of mind that their kids are ready to face the elements. Founder Emma impressed with her brand ethos, awesome design and thousands of sales so far.

Little Hotdog Watson creates kidswear that is mosquito repellant, temperature regulating and UV protective.

7. Jack and Amelie

Jack and Amelie was started by two mums who were frustrated by the lack of good quality ready-made food available for kids. Their “grown-up food for kids” includes family favourites that are packed with vegetables, and they offer meat, vegetarian and vegan options. In addition to their beautiful brand, we love that they’re solving a problem they have personal experience with.

8. Ocean Tee

Ocean Tee provides sustainably sourced, branded bamboo golf tees to clubs, owners and organisations across Europe. They donate 25% of their profits to charities targeting plastic pollution and initiatives that promote the health of marine environments. In less than a year, they’ve had incredible traction, partnering with institutions like PGA EuroPro.

9. StepLadder

StepLadder is a peer-to-peer platform that aims to help people buy their first home faster. Members join a saving circle, where each person puts aside a set amount of money each month. Once enough money for one deposit is reached, the funds are allocated randomly to a member. The process is then repeated until each member of the circle has the money for their deposit. 

Despite the fact it took founder Lucy almost seven hours to travel to our Manchester boot camp, her pitch was passionate, informative and full of energy.


TAGPAY helps sports clubs and organisations manage payments, participation records and medical information. TAGPAY’s wristbands enable player information to be transferred in less than a second, so busy clubs can speed up registrations and access information instantly. We loved the originality of the idea and the fact it’s already been tested in youth football clubs like Arsenal.

11. Eyezilla

Eyezilla (formerly Tested Works) improves workflow efficiency by using AI to observe, assist and communicate with staff. By using a system of cameras and screens, their software is ideal for expediting ordered items around a restaurant. It evaluates passable and impassable areas for waiters and considers table positions and the time each order has been in the queue. Founders Miks and Mikhail successfully tested their product at the 2,000-seat restaurant Alpenhaus during the FIFA World Cup.

12. The Wiggly Line Company

The Wiggly Line Company’s night-time monitoring system is designed to improve care home residents’ sleep and wellbeing. It uses sensors to promote safer, better sleep for residents and support staff with real-time data and alerts. After successfully pitching to the Department of Health and Social Care, founders Ty and James have tested their product with a pilot in a care home.

13. Wholey Moly

Wholey Moly creates cookies using 100% natural ingredients, giving people the chance to have a sweet 3 pm treat without consuming a whole load of empty calories. They’ve had plenty of traction – you can find Wholey Moly in the likes of Selfridges and Whole Foods – and we can confirm that the cookies themselves are absolutely delicious.

Wholey Moly are on a mission to reinvent the 3 pm slump with their 100% natural (and 100% delicious) cookies.

14. The Moment Device

The Moment Device is designed to help people with Parkinson’s get back to the everyday activities they used to love. The device aims to make movements easier and smoother, and give wearers peace of mind. Founders Lucy and Floyd make a well-balanced team with respective design and medical backgrounds, and they have an impressive team of advisers on board.

15. WayFare

WayFare lets you spread the cost of trips abroad by paying in monthly instalments. Users find a flight, lock in the cost with a small deposit and then pay the rest in monthly instalments. The beta site is due to launch later this year, but founder Jamal had everyone ready to hop on an airplane by the end of his 90-second pitch.

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