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BizGive give their pitch at The Pitch 2018

Watch The Pitch 2018 finalists give their final pitches

With hundreds of exciting startups entering The Pitch every year, it’s no surprise that those who make it to the final give us a convincing sell. The 2018 finalists were no exception. With innovative ideas, disruptive solutions and groundbreaking technology, these are all new businesses that we expect to hear lots more about in the near future.

If you are a small business looking for inspiration, watch and learn from their polished pitches…

How Oddbox wowed with its wonky veg box

Oddbox co-founder Emilie Vanpoperinghe delivers a winning pitch, convincing judges that there’s a UK market for wonky veg boxes. Last year the business grew by 1,000%, delivering to over 2,000 homes, building a 90% retention rate and a Trustpilot score of 9.6.

The food startup expects to grow the business from 800k to £3 million next year as it takes its veg boxes out to a national market.

CLiKD is taking a fresh approach to online dating

Innovative dating app CLiKD shows the judges how its unique database of questions helps users find their perfect partner.

Founder Mike Blakeley takes us through his successful first year in business, including winning a prestigious dating award, being featured in The Telegraph and GQ’s “best dating apps”, growing to 30,000 users and trending number 2 in the dating apps.

JustWears’ disruptive solution to men’s underwear

JustWears founder Yang Lui pitches her new approach to men’s underwear. Leading with the tagline “the underwear your balls deserve”, its JoeyWears sub-brand incorporates ergonomic design and sustainably-sourced tree fibre.

Watch Lui explain how JustWears became the most funded apparel project in the whole of the UK just 30 days after launching its crowdfunder, receiving over £80,000 of pre-orders from over 1,500 customers.

How inidus is liberating patient data

inidus founder Ewan Davis explains how the health and care sector is lagging behind when it comes to tech innovation. Its open platform looks to change that, using digital technology to deliver safe, efficient and compassionate care.

The startup has already attracted paying customers such as NHS Digital and had a turnover of £220k in its first year. Now, Davis wants to take it to a global market worth £75 billion.

The startup combining technology and traditional

Robert Van Den Bergh has turned the humble act of handwriting into a successful business, using groundbreaking AI and robotics to mimic the written word.

He pitches The Handwriting Company (formerly Scribeless) to the judges at The Pitch 2018, explaining how the company has grown from 2 to 11 staff, entirely self-funded, and built an impressive customer base.

BizGive’s unique approach to corporate giving

BizGive is a tech platform that enables consumer-led corporate giving for B2C brands. Co-founder Louise Downing explains how it fights off competitors by using machine learning to match companies to causes that resonate with their consumers.

Hannah Jolliffe

Hannah is a freelance writer and social media consultant who works with startups. She enjoys helping small businesses create content to connect with their audience and also writes on wider topics for Which?, Saga and lots of charities.

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