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Guide: How to create a business plan for your side hustle

All businesses should have a business plan, even if it’s still at an early stage or a side hustle. Failing to plan is planning to fail, isn’t that how the phrase goes?

Not sure where to begin with your business plan? This guide will break down the six sections you need in your business plan, explaining both what the sections need to include, and why.

You’ll find out why it’s so crucial to have a business plan, how to write important key elements such as a SWOT analysis, and further useful resources to help you understand and forecast your finances.

A business plan can provide structure to your startup journey, keeping you on track with what you need to do and when.

Investors will want to see a business plan before going any further with your idea too, so it’s essential to have a business plan in place if you want to prepare your side hustle for funding.

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Siân Avent

Siân Avent is the Content and Marketing Assistant at Inkwell, the company behind The Pitch.

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