Social media tips for startups: How these founders built an online presence

Social media is a vital marketing tool for startups. It’s a low-cost way to build your brand, reach new customers and grow a community around your business – but creating a thriving online presence isn’t easy.  We spoke to founders in The Pitch community who have all built a successful online presence for their startups. […]

The top 41 questions that investors ask early-stage startups after pitching

One of the most nerve-wracking aspects of pitching for investment is facing investor follow-up questions. Luckily, we’re here to help you prepare. After you’ve given your startup pitch, investors will spend anywhere from five minutes to an hour asking questions to learn more about your business. These questions tend to cover a wide range of […]

The top five ways to get money to start a business

If bootstrapping your startup isn’t an option, you’ll need to secure other funding to get your idea off the ground.  Navigating the startup funding landscape isn’t easy, especially if you’re a first-time entrepreneur. There are lots of different options to explore, and choosing the best funding source will depend on everything from your personal network […]

How top entrepreneurs approach talent acquisition

In the early years of your startup, you’ll usually do everything yourself. But there comes a time where you have to stop being a one-man sales, marketing and ops machine, and start thinking about bringing in new talent. Hiring for junior roles is one thing, whether it’s a student to help with social media or […]

How Edinburgh became a major hub for tech and innovation startups

This year, we’re bringing The Pitch to some brand new cities across the UK. In addition to our regular semi-finals in London, Bristol and Manchester, we’re excited to announce our first new semi-final: Edinburgh. Edinburgh has long been on our radar as one of the fastest growing hubs for tech and innovation startups. Tech giants […]

How to create an amazing product explainer video

With platforms like YouTube and TikTok thriving, video is one of the best ways to reach and engage with customers online. Want to take advantage of the trend? Film a product explainer video for your startup. A product explainer video does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a chance for you to explain […]

How to write a powerful startup homepage that improves your conversion

Writing a powerful website homepage for your startup is a challenging task. You need to effectively convey who you are, what you do and why that matters – and you only have a few hundred words to do so. Your homepage is the most important page on your website. It’s often the entry point for […]

From wildcard to People’s Choice winner: The story of refereeing app YesRef

The Pitch finalist YesRef is the brainchild of friends Ben Williamson and Olly Rodriguez-Ballinger, who first met on a refereeing course back in 2005.  Ben and Olly realised there was no single location to match referees with fixtures. Games happen across the country almost every day, yet it was still a manual process to find […]

How to get your startup ready for seed investment

The right time to seek seed investment is different for every business. It’s often a time consuming process, and many startups find themselves ‘courting’ investors for a long time before they hit gold. For this reason, many entrepreneurs start approaching investors six to 12 months before they actually need the investment. This is where the […]

Goodloans on winning The Pitch 2021: “I can communicate with investors better”

The Pitch 2021 winner Goodloans is improving financial inclusion amongst Ghanaian business owners with hassle-free, phone-based loans. We caught up with founder Zak Nason-Giwa to hear about what it’s like to be The Pitch champion. You can also see Zak’s winning pitch below. So Zak, what was your experience with The Pitch like? “When we […]