Pitching coach Annette Kramer

90-second pitches need to start a conversation

Pitching coach Annette Kramer‘s helped hundreds of entrepreneurs win investment. She told us the key elements to include in a short pitch.

“To concisely articulate something in 90 seconds is really tough,” said Kramer, who added you need to think about how you’re starting a conversation that the listener wants to continue.

Kramer said a short pitch to investors should include a number of the following elements:

  1. First you introduce yourself
  2. The problem are you solving and how
  3. Tell me why I should care – what’s the benefit?
  4. Who’s the competition
  5. What’s the revenue model
  6. What’s your addressable market
  7. What’s your route to market
  8. The team – why these particular people at this particular time?
  9. What are you asking for

Kramer said ensuring a pitch has a clear beginning, middle and end, and working transitions between each statement helps build confidence and ensure you can convey the idea behind your business accurately – “Structure is your best friend,” she added.

“Take a breath and let your voice drop, it will help you centre. You will appear more professional,” said Kramer.

What are your tips for writing a pitch? How do you get people engaged in your business in 90 seconds or less? Tweet us at @the_pitch or leave a comment below!

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